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Three Fitness Gadgets Perfect for the Active Senior

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Jul 24, 2018 5:30:00 PM

Senior-Couple-In-Fitness-Clothing-LRSeniors are living longer and healthier lives all over the country. Part of the reason for this is because many senior men and women haven't given up their fitness routines just because they happen to be older. They are also more aware of the latest fitness gadgets that will help them get in a better workout. Let's look at three fitness gadgets that make the perfect combo for seniors who are still getting in their daily exercise.

Fitness Trackers

Most people have heard of the Fitbit, the wireless monitoring device that can be worn around your arm or ankle while you workout as well as throughout the day. However, this is just one company that produces these types of devices. Seniors can wear a fitness tracker that connects to their smartphone and/or computer and tracks personal fitness goals such as heart rate, steps walked or ran, steps climbed, sleep quality, calories burned, and more. Many of these devices offer notifications that will congratulate the person when a specific goal is reached- good for positive reinforcement!

Phone or MP3 Player Armband

Many seniors love working out to music or podcasts. But holding your phone or MP3 player while you walk or work with fitness equipment is difficult. An armband that holds your phone or other music device is a great gadget for seniors who are serious about their fitness commitment. The armband straps around the upper arm for stability. Seniors can simply slip in the device, press play, and listen to their music hands-free. Just remember to find an armband that fits your specific device.

Blood Pressure Tracker

Seniors are often battling high blood pressure and must keep an eye on it when they work out. While many fitness trackers have built-in blood pressure monitors, using one that is clinically validated to measure the systolic and diastolic pressure accurately every time may be very important for seniors watching their BP. This type of fitness device will sync up with a smartphone and will keep track of each reading. Check out one of these devices at Qardio

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