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Benefits of Daytime Disco & Other Dances for Seniors

Posted by Michael Watson on Sep 18, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Cute elderly couple dancing at home

There a wealth of benefits that come from dancing from building the heart muscle to socializing with others, and this even more true for seniors who attend regular dance classes or social dance parties. Dance offers a variety of styles for every level of ability and experience. Here are a couple of benefits for seniors who shake their booty.

1. Helps Depression

Many seniors face depression although depression and aging shouldn't go together. As a form of exercise, dancing gets the endorphins flowing and provides a feeling of happiness that can ease the symptoms of depression. Of course, dance can't replace help from a professional, but it can help.

2. Pride of Mastering a New Tasks

People try new tasks to enjoy the process of learning and the pride that comes with mastering a new skill. Dancing makes this easy with its wide variety of styles from tango and salsa to swing and waltzes. Seniors find dancing a new skill or the chance to dust off their old shoes.

3. Socializing

Many seniors are retired or don't go to work each day, and they've lost one of the major sources of visiting with others. Attending a weekly dance class or dance party provides the chance for them to go out, make new friends, and spend a couple of hours socializing. Many senior centers or local community centers provide classes and dance especially for seniors so they can visit with people their own age that share a common history. 

4. Improved Balance and Flexibility

One of the largest dangers for seniors come from falls. Regular dance classes and dances can help a senior improve their overall balance and flexibility, possibly making it less like that they'll fall or sustain serious injuries in a fall. 

To learn more about how to get your senior moving, contact us today!

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